Monday, June 14, 2010

Celebrate West Hartford

Here are some images from Magoo living large at the West Hartford Annual Arts & Fun Fair a.k.a. Celebrate West Hartford.

For some reason the weather is always major for this event. Major rain. Major heat. Major wind. It's rarely pleasant, and this weekend was really no exception. But my super-anal micro-management skills came in handy as I planned our outing. said the rain was coming in around 11ish. The fair started at 10am and BOOM - we were there right at 10am. It was nice, actually. It wasn't too crowded and we got through $40 of rides pretty quickly.

I'll always be baffled at how much Magoo loves a rinky-dink Funhouse. It's one of his favorite things. He gets lost in this little house of mirrors and then I don't know what happens because we always send him in there alone. But he emerges on the top level where there appears to be nothing fun to do, he just walks across to a slide and slides down. LOVES. IT.

When I was little there was a funhouse at Cedar Point in Ohio. Now this was a solid structure Funhouse (meaning it didn't move from town to town) so it was probably more sophisticated than this one, but I do remember a room of mirrors and it did end with a slide. But it was dark in there and closed off. I remember many-o-child sobbing to their parents to get them out of there. I don't think the West Hartford version is scary at all - or at least not to Magoo. I suppose it's a little thrilling though.

Magoo wasn't in love with the mountain climbing. I think he thought it was going to be something different - some thing that required less work.

But he certainly had a good time overall.

Then we hit the library for the used book sale - and we timed it out just right because while we were looking through tables and tables of books, the rain started coming down. Magoo found a cool book talking about Great Civilizations of the East and it has all sorts of projects in it. We are currently building a model clay boat based on an artifact from Mesopotamia 400BC. I'm sure there will be a post on that when we're done.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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ang said...

That sounds awesome. I wish I had known about the book sale. You know they didn't predict rain for Sat. and there was a monsoon. They predicted rain for Sunday and nothing happened. What gives?! Based on their weather predictions, I ended up spending Sunday working on IEP goals. I am glad Magoo had an awesome time -maybe next year for us. The model boat sounds really cool.