Friday, June 4, 2010

Magoo Stars in ...

Well, he wasn't really the star. But he was a rockin' straw peddler. He's on the left in the yellow shirt. They sang: Straw for sale, Straw for sale. Fifty cents a bail. Straw for sale. Straw for sale. Fifty cents a baaaaaaaaiiil.

And when the piggies bought their straw. sticks and bricks, you know who came out to sniff around.

Well, after much huffing, puffing, and running about, the wolf went away hungry, and the pigs got jiggy with it. Doesn't this look like a big dance number from Fame?

Here's Magoo in his yellow straw peddler shirt and bandana. And again with Gramma Mary after the show. (I did get any good shots of him blowing kisses and all the typical stuff my little ham likes to pull, but believe me, he did it all.)

All the kids did a fantastic job and hats off to Mrs. Smith for producing a fantastic show!!!


Chicklebee said...

SO COOL! What a great straw peddler! We still sing all the songs from last years Stone Soup!

ang said...

Ah the 1st grade play. He looks like he had a fun time. Good for Magoo. Those plays are too funny.
What a cutie rocking his bandana!