Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: The Picky Goat

This past weekend, we headed down to Niantic to hang with Gramma and, as always, visit the Book Barn. At the main store there's a big farm and Magoo loves to feed the goats. I think these goats are well fed because ol' Whitey wasn't into the cup of dried corn offered to her.

But we learned a trick, Magoo and I. It seems the goat did, in fact, like the corn. What it didn't like was the presentation.

If we placed a few kernels on the edge of the fence...

... she would eat them.
So perhaps she's dainty and doesn't like to gobble, or perhaps she likes eating food out of a humans hands as much as we would like eating food off her back. Humans are disgusting!


ang said...

Crazy goat! I am so excited I know where the Book Barn is now. I need to visit based on all of your awesome descriptions of it.

Are you sticking to fables for your crows or are you including nursery rhymes and stories-'cause I got both.

Julie_c said...

Right now I'm sticking with fables, but the rest of the series is sans crows. I'm working n The Frogs and the Well next.
Remember Book Barn now has three locations: Main, Downtown and Midtown. Downtown and Midtown are in walking distance. Midtown has a great kids selection.

ang said...

That's good because for some reason the crow fables were escaping me. Frogs-now that should be interesting.
Thanks for the tip.