Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sneak Peek

Last Friday I got the first color proofs of Wink, The Ninja Who Wanted To Nap in the mail. (clap, clap!) I don't think I'll get into trouble if I give you a sneak peek of the cover.

Wink 2 picks up with Wink just finishing a tour of Japan as the star of The Lucky Dragon circus. He wanted to be noticed and BOY OH BOY does he get some attention. There are even three fans waiting for him when he gets back to Grandmother's house. He poses for pics and signs autographs, but when it's time for him to go in and get a nap, the fans won't give him a moment's peace. Wink tries to outrun the fans but wherever he goes, more and more people notice him and try to chase him down. Finally, with a little help from Master Zutsu and his ninja friends, Wink concocts a plan.

It's a bit of a "be careful what you wish for" story. It's due out March 3, 2011 and - if you can believe it - is already available for pre-order on Amazon! Woosh!

Since today was "Reading Party" day at school, I took the proofs into Magoo's classroom along with my storyboards, research, and pencil sketches to show the kids how this book has developed. It's always fun to share my books with the kids (and to show them where I've hidden Magoo, my husband, and myself in the book.)

In other news:
There's a rose explosion going on in front of my house. Check it out!

There are five flowers in full bloom and a few more buds getting ready to go. It's like fireworks at Fourth of July!


ang said...

Awesome! I am so excited for your next book. It looks funny and I am already loving the art.

I was wondering what the Canadamobile was doing in front of the school today.

That rose is incredible-such a beautiful pink!

Robin said...

Congratulations Julie, can't wait to see the finished product and get copies for all my favorite little ninjas!

Chicklebee said...

Canadamobile.... Ang, I'm intrigued.....
Can't wait for Wink II. YAHOO!

ang said...

Hee hee, hi Chicklebee! What's up?
Will we see you this summer?

Chicklebee said...

Oh... I get it.... Julie's false attempts at being too cool for school with the maple leaf on the car. Poser! ;-)
Yes, Ang... I hope we'll have a chance to see you in a few weeks (hint-hint Julie!)