Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Age of the Crow

This is my piece for the group show in November at Open Studio Weekend. All the pieces in the group show have to go along with a yearly theme, this year: Coming of Age. The good news is that you can interpret that theme any way you see fit. I also take a marketing approach to the group show in that I want whatever piece I have down there to represent some of the stuff people are going to see up on my part of the wall. Crows are big for me this year - so I decided to go for a crow.

I think upon first hearing the theme Coming of Age, one thinks of a child transitioning into adulthood. But having a seven year-old has taught me that there are many different ages/stages that one transitions into: from baby to walker, from staying at home to going to school, from having a world filled with mom and dad to wanting a more independent life and with peers, heck - even losing a tooth. It's constant really.

So I thought, originally, that I would use images of crows in different stages of life in the background. But as the nest and the crow came together, it occurred to me that a simple background was best. So now I think of this Coming of Age piece as a mother crow helping her young come into the age of movement and light.

In other news:

Celebrate East Lyme was in town over the weekend so we took Magoo to the fair in Gramma's neck of the woods.

I think I've mentioned before how much Magoo loves a Funhouse. The cruddier - the better. It's like throwing your money up in the air and letting him run an obstacle course. But he loves them - he really does. So we just watch as he maneuvers his way through.

Can I just say that if that clown painted on the background was a flesh-and-blood clown I would hope he'd have a better costume. Who thought Fat, Naked Clown was a good idea for a mural? It's super creepy.

Slides are also high on the fun scale. This one was better than the one at our own fair this year in that gravity worked on this slide. I don't know what was wrong with the last one but it was slow and kids were constantly having to skooch to get down. Not fun! This one was a smooth ride.

Magoo tried his hand at Wack-a-Mole. Unfortunately his response time just isn't strong enough yet.

But his dart throwing skills were up to the task. He threw two darts, he popped two balloons. Give that boy a prize!!! Yeah!

I'm always a little hesitant about the games because Magoo has a hard time losing and these games are hard to win - not to mention expensive. I hate to think we threw out $25.00 and at the end he loses a game and is depressed. That said, a kid has to learn how to lose. It happens ALL THE TIME. Sometimes when I talk to school groups I try to tell them about how much rejection is involved in what I do. I'm not trying to bum them out, but rather illustrate how you have to work hard, revise, and be persistent. Knowing how to take rejection is really important, I think. That said, it's hard to watch it happen to your own child. So I was THRILLED that he excelled at darts. We left with a happy boy!


Angela said...

I love you crow piece and I really like the simple background. What a wonderful idea about "coming of age". I am still working on mine. I hope it doesn't bite the big one. I know it sounds cheeserific, but I am happy to have tried.

That clown is a hot mess!

Heather said...

Thank GOD David wasn't there to kick his ass! Hopefully we can avoid the horror known as man vs. child at 6 Flags this week...