Monday, July 26, 2010

Half-Birthday Bash

Saturday afternoon, we had Magoo's 7 1/2 Birthday Bash. The thing I had been hope-hope-hoping against was rain. We don't have a large house and parties indoors can get loud. Magoo does do loud. But I needn't have worried. Mother Nature gave us sun. And humidity. And more sun. It was 96 degrees, and with the humidity it felt closer to 100! Thankfully, I had a lot of water fun planned.

As you can see, I had just about everything planned. Michael teased me about my schedule. He probably would call it anal-retentive. I'm not saying it's not - but I call this organized. Throwing a child's party can be challenging and I just wanted to make sure everything went smoothly.

So, Slip-N-Slide was the first activity.

Here Little J and Big J slide into coolness.

I've basically done some sort of water thing every year - so there was nothing new there. But this year I thought the boys might like a little adventure between activities, so I made them maps. I always gave them a starting point (i.e. back stairs) then had them run around a tree and find their way over to a bench where I had hidden a clue: a riddle or math problem. I expected these things to take no more than a few minutes but I didn't anticipate the fact that these kids can not read a map at all. So it took a little longer. But they still had fun.

Here the boys are figuring out a math problem.

Now while they were in the back yard doing that, I was in the front setting up the water balloons.

I almost always do water balloons because Magoo and his buddies always love it. But this year it was a little more serious, a little more badass, a little more vengeful. If a boy got hit, he was OUT TO GET the kid that hit him. It was crazy!

I should add that this wasn't universally true, but it was true enough in a few boys and it made me think 'no waterballoons next year.' Those things are too time consuming to make if the boys are going to get angry.

Map #2: The boys had to hop along the front path.
And while they did that, I set up bubbles. I won't go into it again, since I spent the last post gushing about Extreme Bubbles - but they had a good time with them.

Here's O making lots of bubbles.
H did a good job with them. Magoo is catching G in his bubble of DOOM!!!!

I didn't make a cake this year, I just made an ice cream sundae bar. I think it was the perfect treat for the weather.

Then, as always, I tried to get a group shot. Magoo wasn't going for it. He was hot and easily irritated. So Mr. Smiley Face is going to have to help me out.

Speaking of hot, apparently I was a red-faced tomato. Mike thought I was going to overheat and pass out. He kept pouring water over my head. (It did feel good.)

By now it was about 2:30 - things were all going according to the schedule, so I sent them on another hunt and got the pinata ready. Last year I made the pinata myself and the boys broke it in 97 seconds. This year I bought it and it was a toughie!

Magoo takes a swing while his buddies sit on the bench, waiting their turn.

Some of the boys got a piece of it. Big J had a mighty swing. But in the end, Mike bashed it into smithereens and the boys scrambled for their treats in the grass. (Hey looks, Mr. Happy Face is back!)

Then it was goodie bags, about 10 minutes of unstructured play, and 'See ya later!'

Two hours was about all that Magoo could handle. It was just so ding-dong hot. But all in all I think things went well. The kids had fun. Magoo had a good time and felt like the Prince of the World - which he enjoys feeling like. And I didn't pass out.



Ă„iti said...

Sounds like a great party! I love the curve balls Life sends our way, like the kids not knowing how to read a map :-)

Angela said...

That looked like a fun party! Be happy that the meteorologist was right this time. I can't imagine all of those boys in your house. 'Mama's nerves is bad!'
The map thing is funny, which means we're going to be working on map skills in this house. As for the planning, I am with you completely. These parties can quickly go awry and kids get bored unless you live on a beach or a zoo.
Hey did I tell you looking at Cam with those bubbles made me hum "Eye of the Tiger" a la Jordan. He looked so cute and happy.