Thursday, July 1, 2010


Last night I bought a new iMac.

Brian, the very friendly iSaleman told me that I would have to bring my old computer back in to get all the info transferred. That seemed reasonable. But it did seem silly to walk out of there with a heavy box full o' iMac, when I'd just have to turn around and bring it right back in the next day - ah well.

Today, at 1:25, with Magoo by my side, I lugged the very heavy old eMac into the car with my shiny new iMac. I drove to the mall and lugged the iMac back into the store only to find out I needed to register with Apple BEFORE I could have the data transferred. Did Brian tell me this? iNope.

"Didn't anyone set you up when you bought it?" the iSaleman asked me.

"Did you bring your Apple registration card?"
"I called this morning," I said, "and they only told me I had to bring in both computers."

The iSalesman looked super uncomfortable. "I'm sorry. There's nothing we can do until you're registered."

"Can I leave the computers here now," I asked, "and register at home?"

So I lugged them back home in a iHuff.

At 4pm, I returned to the store armed with my registration card and a hand-dolly. The place was crazy busy, but at least I knew to check in with the person with the iPad first thing. She sat me on a stool and I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Thank goodness they have games there for children b/c Magoo had to come with me.

I waited for 20 iMinutes before I went back to the lady up front and bore holes into her forehead with my angry laser iGlare. She apologized and said the person who was organizing the back was new. Then she told me someone would be with me shortly. 10 iMinutes later I was majorly iPissed. I found the woman again. This time she got someone for me herself then things a started to happen. (Marty rocks!)

So now my old computer baby and my new computer baby are playing "getting to know you" at the iStore and I get to pick them up in 24-48 hours.

Hopefully, then, I can get back to posting my normal iStuff.


Susan Gurry said...

Very iFunny...I have a Genius Bar appointment for Saturday with my MacBook...hope it goes iBetter than yours!

Julie_c said...

I think if you have an appointment you're good. The only reason I was so iTicked was because they made it sound like it was going to be easy - "Just drop off your computers," then it turned out to take 2 trips and waste a good 90 minutes of my time.

In the future - I will try to make an appointment.

Also, my timing is just bad because a ton of people are in there now buying computers for college.

Good luck with your MacBook Susan!

Natalie said...

iYaiYai...sorry you had to go through that, but congratulations on your bouncing new ibaby! :-)

Anonymous said...