Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Flags - More Fun

Monday was our annual Six Flags day. Last year we had SO MUCH FUN so I was super excited about going this year.

Any time you go to a big place like this, there are things to learn each time to make the next run smoother. For example, last year we (us and the Brudz family) got lockers right by the front gate. It was good in that we didn't have to lug our stuff around. But it was bad in that we learned we had to get another locker by the water park.

This year we just got the locker by the water park ONLY A.) you have to walk all the way over to the water park before you have any fun and B.) The water park opened an hour later than the rest of the park so we ended up having to lug our stuff around while we took the kids on a few rides.

Lesson learned: there's actually no easy way to do that. One way is more $, the other is more effort.

But once we got that situated, the fun began.

And cars.

These were the smaller rides, the ones with mild thrills for the young.

Then we went on Pandemonium. Pandemonium is a medium/mild roller coaster - but it is a legitimate roller coaster. Heather, Mike, Magoo and I rode it last year. I was worried about Magoo then because it was his first big ride, but he said, "It was awesome!" So we hopped on it again this year. Memories and anticipation are funny things. Last year I was concerned it would be too much and it turned out to be really fun. This year I think we were all looking forward to the fun and it turned out to be a little jolting. Magoo was fine, but I think he enjoyed it less this year. It does whip you around pretty good.

The boys got a quick pose in with some celebrities ....

... and then we went to the water park.

(Sidenote of pity: How horrible must it be for those poor people who have to be inside those huge, heavy, thick costumes in July. Ug.)

I have to say the water park was a bit of a let down this year and I think it was mainly due to the crowds. Last year we went in June right after school let out and the lines weren't nearly as bad. We whizzed through them so Magoo was happier and we got more rides in. This year the place was decently crowded. I didn't mind the wait so much, but my 7-year old did. He preferred to play in the wave pools but I was jonesin' for some water park action. I had to remind myself that I was not a 6-yr-old child and a temper tantrum would not be cool. But in the end I got a few single person water slides in (Magoo even joined me on one) so my thrill-ometer was satisfied.

Then it was time to dry off and play a few games.

It was just the three boys at squirt guns (which meant one of them would win) until a 10-yr-old girl strolled over last minute and won. Grrrrrrrrr. G won at Wack-a-Mole!

But Magoo's talent for darts is going strong. He popped two balloons and got a Road Runner toy!

Here the boys are with all their stuffed booty.

Next year I think we'll try to go early in the season - but all in all it was a wonderful day at the park!


Angela said...

Wow! They won all of that stuff?! That is great Magoo is good with darts. I remember I used to always lose at those things.

Julie_c said...

Fortunately there have a few games where everybody gets a prize. That's how he got mini-Scooby Doo. Mike won the Rat. But Magoo won the Road Runner fair and Square.

I always look for the variety of prizes. If there are small ones, it means that the game can be won b/c they are looking to unload the small ones. When you see nothing but gigantic Pikachus and Chim-chars, then no - that is a game that will not be won. We played a few of those too and even though we reminded the boys that if the games cause tears then it's not worth playing them, it's difficult for tired boys to not get emotional.

Angela said...

You sure are patient. If I took my kiddos, I would run screaming from those games because there would be tears.
The 70's were cruel. I remember it being hard to even win the dinky toys, and they weren't even that cute.
That Road Runner is awesome. That is awesome he won that. Plus he loves Bugs so it's not some demonic weird toy he doesn't like. Bonus!