Thursday, July 15, 2010

Status Quo

Things have quieted down a bit.

Magoo took yesterday off from camp and since it was raining we took the day off from the pool as well. It was basically a home day - a much needed home day.

We worked a little on Magoo's new story but I find I'm still having to perfect the teaching technique. He wants to be left alone to write whatever he wants. On one hand I completely understand this, but on the other hand I'm supposed to be teaching him story structure and beginning, middle, end and all that. I tried to explain that if his first grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, had left her class all alone they wouldn't have learned much in first grade. But I also understand that he spends A LOT of time with me right now and sometimes you just want the other person to "shut the *bleep* up!" So we're working on it.

In other news: Preparations are being made for Open Studio Weekend in November. I'd been working on the fable series, but I just heard they are doing something involving poets choosing art from the group show to write a poem about and if we want to be considered then we need to have our pieces related to the theme "Coming of Age" in by next Friday.

Well, ahem, I hadn't even started that piece yet!

But it would be cool to have a poem written about one of my collages and it's good publicity so I started sketching last night and today I made a crow's nest out of ripped pieces of paper.

So far, so good.

In other news: Magoo is in love with watching Saturday Night Live's Laser Cats series on Hulu.

Have a great Thursday!

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Angela said...

I know what you mean about time apart. It's hard to know when to keep teaching and when to back the *bleep* off!
Good for you getting something started on the poetry 'contest'! I saw that emaile and what have I been able to do?! Jack that's what! If I see but one more doctor's appointment on my schedule . . . . . >:{ Do I dare call her and try to have somethinge done by the deadline?!