Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're Going On A Bug Hunt

Hooray! I have a new iMac and I'm up and going again.

A week and a half ago Magoo, Mike and I journeyed to the cabin in Michigan. I don't think I had been back to this family retreat since 1994, but walking through the doors I felt like I'd only been away a week. Nothing felt odd or changed - not really. It will probably take one or two posts for me to share the adventure fully - but let's start now with a major activity for Magoo and his cousin, J: Bug Hunting.
(Above: this is a totem pole that my grandfather Frank Phillipps carved out by a pond on the property.)

Every morning before the family was up and ready for whatever was on the agenda that day, Magoo, J, and I headed out into the woods with our bug nets (a necessity when catching damselflies) and bug boxes in hand.

Oops - he caught a Magoo-fly!

Sometimes it would be a challenge for two young boys to sneak up on a damselfly (a.k.a. smaller version of a dragonfly) but those boys actually managed to catch quite a few.

Here are some other prizes: A moth...
A spider...
and a toad (J and his mom caught this one - very nice.)

Look they even took their adventure bags out. (I didn't even prompt them.)

FYI - all critters were let go after a few hours of careful observation. The boys really enjoyed setting them free. Although I do think a couple of slugs caught late in the vacation made their way back to Ohio with J and family.

More tomorrow ...

In other news:
It's hot! We're in the middle of a heat wave which we have been surviving well so far. We spent the July 4th weekend down on the shore in Niantic and hit the beach both days.

Magoo has an AC in his room - so he's fine. Mike and I slept in the guest room with the overhead fan. We installed an AC down there but so far we haven't needed it. Overhead fans are AWESOME!

Today we will hit the pool.

Hope you all are keeping cool!

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ang said...

My AC is on. I do miss the overhead fans we had in our old house. It is going to be 100 degrees and I just can't take it. I love that totem pole.
I am glad you are up and running again.