Sunday, July 11, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Super Plant

One of the things Magoo's first grade teacher asked me to work on with him over the summer was story structure, so every morning we spend a little time doing what we call Writer's Work-Shop. The first morning we simply brainstormed ideas. I wrote his six ideas on index cards. The next morning Magoo picked one and wrote a page or two of a story.

He chose Super Plant. Here's the story:

This was Magoo's first story (I typed it up but the words are all Magoo's) but he has finished a second one as well and I think we're both in a groove after figuring out some key points to working together.

Here's what we've learned:

-it's good to have a 1 - 2 page limit per day. He can get overwhelmed and think of it as work if there are too many pages to write.

-it's better for me to guide his writing through asking questions: "What happens next?" Or "Why is Super Plant upset with the Alien of Death?" rather than offer him suggestions. At first I was trying to give him ideas of what to do. I wasn't really trying to write his story for him but just get him brainstorming, but he didn't like that approach.

-Magoo has no trouble starting a story, but mid-way through doing a short outline of the middle and end have been helpful to keep Magoo on track.

-KEY NOTE - make sure people read the story. When people get excited about his story and his artwork, that motivates him to write more.

In other news: today is Magoo's first day of Critter Camp. He has a buddy joining him so I think he'll have fun and I'll have a few hours in the morning to write. OMG - I haven't had time to write since the last day of school so I am psyched!!!

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ang said...

Writer's Workshop-an awesome idea. I swear when I was in elementary school, I don't remember doing as much writing as our kids do in first grade and kindergarten.
Have a great time writing today!