Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Haircut

The summer buzz was getting kind of shaggy and I wanted Magoo to look good for his first day of school, so we went to Anna's Hair Perfection to get the mop cleaned up.

There's the BEFORE shot.
I have to give credit where credit is due - he's pretty good about sitting still and letting people cut his hair. I've heard of quite a few children who HATE it and cry and scream. I don't want you to think he LOVES it - he doesn't, but he's pretty darn good about it. (I also think he enjoys the large mirror.)

See, he doesn't love it all the time.
A little blow dry...

And viola' - super handsome!

In other news: I made a peach pie last weekend. I was so proud of myself as it turned out lovely AND delicious! Mike and Magoo don't really go for fruity desserts so I've been sharing it with other lady friends - but now the time has come to freeze it into individual slices so Mama can have a little sweetness when she needs it. :)


Angela said...

Cutie patootie with his new haircut. I didn't know you made a pie! Good for you. I suppose if the boys won't eat it, that's more for you later.

Ă„iti said...

I see Mike's face in his "not liking it so much" shot. :-)

Homemade peach pie is the best. I made one last summer that I still dream about. I haven't made one yet this year, but we just got another batch of peaches from the farm yesterday so there's hope yet!