Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pickin' Patch

Friday we went out to the Pickin' Patch to pick some yummy veg of our own. We lucked out by having a beautiful day - low 80's, a little bit cloudy to cut up the sun - perfecto!

Magoo started by pulling the wagon out to the fields. Somehow things changed.

We went out with my friend Jess and her son, Crackers (not his real name - she's not crazy.) Jess is the one who brought me the HUGE summer squash that I made into ravioli. She will come here and clean the place out. Since this was my first time, I wanted to make sure I only took what I could readily use - so Magoo picked out one zucchini for me.

He was happy to help, but what he was really after was bugs. Here he is showing a grasshopper to Crackers.

(Pssst. Don't tell. Jess really caught the grasshopper. One landed right next to her.)

I, wisely, brought my camera along. There were so many cool things to take pictures of. Look at the pale purples that seep into the shadows of the cabbage. Gorgeous!

Gourds. I love them!

I just finished this book called Flash Burnout. It's a Young Adult fiction and it's hook is photography, so the main character is always taking lots of pictures and his teacher gives him pictoral homework. In one of the assignments was to take a photograph where most of the photo had one tone and then a pop of color. That's what drew me to the gourds. They're predominantly neutral and then in the corner - just a pop of teal. I love the texture as well. (I want to take a photography course.)

And tomatoes. I love as they start to change colors and ripen.

More tomatoes!

Finally it was time to head home.

I bought a bunch of roma tomatoes (for sauce and pizza,) a zucchini (muffins,) kale (because it's good for you,) green beans (because Magoo will eat them,) and some illegally picked broccoli (plucked too soon!) Oops.


Ă„iti said...

Really nice pics and story all around.

Angela said...

I do love that cabbage pic. It looks like you might need to paint that. That place looks pretty awesome. I've seen signs for it but always forget about it. Do you know what kind of pest management program they have? We are trying to find peaches that haven't been soaked in pesticides and herbicides.