Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Squirrel and the Red Ball

The other day Magoo was playing in the front yard. He ran in and shouted, "Mom, come quick! There's a squirrel with a red ball!"

I went outside and he pointed high into a tree. I couldn't see that well so I went in and got my binoculars.

Sure enough. There was a squirrel with a red ball. Both Magoo and I laughed.

Hmmmm, I thought, Seems like he's trying to eat it. Stupid Squirrel.

But it looked like he was getting pieces out of it so I knew it wasn't the red plastic ball that we owned. Then I looked again.


I ran back over to my tomato plant where one juicy red tomato was waiting to be picked.

Only it wasn't there!!!

Sure enough, that *%$#!@* squirrel stole my tomato!

(The power of the zoom lens.)

There was nothing I could do but shake my fist and fume at the rotten squirrel eating my juicy, red tomato.

Mike thought it would be funny if that tomato-stealing squirrel had grown from the baby squirrel that Java got ahold of awhile back. It was now an adult and bent on revenge.

More likely it's related to the hand-pie-stealing squirrel that nibbled it's way through my screen and onto my back porch a couple years ago.

The squirrels around here are dramatic!


Ă„iti said...

My downstairs neighbor lost her sizable but still green tomatoes over a weekend that she was away. A few days after she told me about it, I spotted a half-eaten green "ball" in one of the bushes alongside the driveway!

Angela said...

You have some interesting squirrels in your neighborhood. That story is too funny! I used to fight with this one squirrel at my old house all the time. He would eyeball me and I would eyeball him right back. I would spray water in his general direction-never intending to hit him. He would run and then come back about 2 minutes later. We went through this all summer. It was a little weird.