Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer Sewing

I love me a sun dress. It's my favorite thing to wear in the summer because A.) They're cool and B.) they're cute.

This is the first one I made.

It's a simple halter done with New Look pattern 6980. (The photos blow - sorry. Normally I try to get Magoo to take a picture or two but he was watching TV and couldn't be bothered.) The green fabric is Amy Butler's Floating Buds in sage and the top fabric is cut off of a shirt I liked but didn't wear much. They looked great together! All in all it's not the prettiest dress that I've ever made - but it's more casual than some so I can wear it and not feel dressy.

My old college buddy Jessica sent me a link to a blog called New Dress A Day. This woman is doing a Julie/Julia thing and devoting a year to revamping clothes that she's bought at tag sales and thrift stores (most for $1) and making them hip and current. It's a great blog and it reminded me that I had done this recently as well.

A couple years ago I bought a wrap skirt at a tag sale. It went hip to ankle and I loved the fabric - but I'm not really a full length skirt kind of gal, so I never wore it. (Unfortunately I never snapped a "Before" shot.)

Recently (actually after watching season 4 of Project Runway on Netflix) I decided to pull out my dress form and drape the sucker and see if I could turn it into a twirly, A-line sundress. Here it is.

I did a twirly shot but it looked rather dorky. It's hard for me to look at photos like this without going all Tyra on myself. I decided to opt for a relaxed pose. The dress is pretty simple from the front.

The back turned into a kind of racer back - which I didn't intend but am totally digging - and I added some ties to the side to make it smootherion the front and gather it in the back.

It's a little like an apron.

And here's my favorite part - I braided three strips of fabric for the straps. I saw this in the June issue of Martha Stewart Living (It think it was June.) They were braiding all sorts of things and I thought - it's easy, I don't have to sew, and it looks totally cute. (PS - Note the unicorn in the back garden.)

Boom - done.

This dress is very comfortable and because I was a good little seamstress and tailored it to my body, it fits me really well.

If you like to sew, definitely check out New Dress a Day. It's awesome! (Now I'm dying to go to the Salvation Army!)


Angela said...

Smize Julie! I love the dress and the braided detail. Did you just finish the episodes with Christian?

Julie_c said...

That's right. Is my dress fierce? (I think he'd say no.)

Ă„iti said...

Unicorn noted :-)

Awesome dresses!

Angela said...

Hee hee. I think my fave seasons are the ones with Santino and Andre, and Christian.

Btw, I ended my rock painting, but I did learn some things. You were right of course. It was wayyy too complicated. So on to the next one.