Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Squash Ravioli

It all started with a big a** squash.

See. That's no normal sized squash there. Big. A**.

My friend Jessica dropped it by one day with a a few eggplants and another squash that was orange in color. She had just been to the Pickin' Patch in Avon and had loaded up. Because she is a generous person, she made a donation to my veggie fund.

Okay. Now I needed some recipes because I really had no idea what I was going to do with all this veg. But there was something I wanted to try. Ravioli.

I'm not a complete idiot because I kinda knew what I was getting myself into. I knew it would take time. I knew it would be messy. And I knew making gluten free ravioli dough would add to the challenge of it all. But we can't really buy gluten free, dairy free ravioli and I thought Magoo might enjoy it. And I had a big a** squash. The time was now.

So I went online and searched for a gluten free ravioli dough recipe. Found one.
Then I went online and looked for a recipe for the filling - because you know there has to be seasoning and some other little things to do but I have literally never cooked a squash before so I needed some basic guidance. Found one.

The first part of making the dough was easy - all food processor stuff - then chill. Boom.

Later in the afternoon the challenge presented itself. Oh the cussing as I rolled out the dough and it would stick! Add more flour - still it would stick! Add MORE flour...etc. (I should probably note at this point that my kitchen was clean when I started.) Eventually I got the dough rolled, cut, and moved to baking sheets.

In the meantime I had cooked the squash, scooped it, put it in the food processor with nutmeg and some leeks and stuff and made my mush.

I scooped the mush into each one by hand. I wet each ravioli, pressed it, and made my little fork marks. Some turned out better than others. Some tore (more cussing.) Some had too much mush. Some not enough. At some point in the middle of the process the level of the work got to me and I thought, These better taste fantastic or never again!

Here's what they looked like.

With the exception of a few that stuck to the parchment paper when I was trying to transfer them to the pot, they mostly went in fine and cooked up just fine. I cooked a few sausages, poured on the sauce, and cooked some green beans on the side.

They were OK. They were a little doughy - to be honest. I should have rolled the dough out thinner but honestly it was SO HARD to work with as it was that I can't imagine the filth that would have flown out of my mouth if I had tried to go thinner. So, as I ate my dinner, I felt good that I had accomplished something that I hadn't done before - but I felt pretty sure that I wouldn't do it again. But then ...

Magoo loved it.

Oh my goodness - he was so excited! Fortunately I had enough left over to freeze and have another night because he asked and asked for them.

So now I'm left knowing that I will make them again - but I have to learn a few more tricks.

(Two notes: The kitchen was completely trashed when I was done. And, as you'll notice I did not include the recipes because I think anyone might be better off finding a recipe that is perfect for your needs. That said - if you know me and want the recipe, send me an email.)


Ă„iti said...

"But then..." Aww. Sweet. Good work, mama, that dinner plate looks awesome :-)

Angela said...

The things mamas will do when their children love something. Congratulations! That was an accomplishment! I am tired just reading about your endeavor.