Thursday, August 12, 2010

This And That

Mike brought me some flowers about a week ago. Aren't they gorgeous! Sometimes it's good to start a blog post with some bright summer colors - don't you agree?

I particularly liked this one. Methinks I might paint it. I have to rev up the watercolor engines!

We recently went hiking up to Heublein tower - not an easy hike, but not a bad one either.

After living in the area for eight years, this is the first time we've hiked up to the tower. Here's a little tip from me to you - if you go up, pack a lunch or a hearty snack. You'll want to take a break and nourish yourself while up there.

And enjoy the spectacular views of Avon and Simsbury!

Sometimes Magoo gets a little sick of me shoving a camera into his face - but not when he's climbed a big rock. Then it's, "Take a picture of me, Mom!"

And finally, you know it's hot when the activity of choice is sticking your head in a water-filled bucket and fashioning mohawks.

Very hip. Very happening, boys.


Ă„iti said...

Nice hubby love :-)

Angela said...

Beautiful flowers; they would make an awesome watercolor. Good job Mike! It is a spectacular view-the tower. Another tip is to go in summer or fall when it is DRY. We went in late winter when it was still icy and then in early spring when it was wet (and still a little icy) with all three kids. Crazy, but we made it. We forgot that just because it is dry in lower elevations doesn't mean the trails are too.