Sunday, September 12, 2010

2010 Block Party

Saturday we had our annual block party. We had GORGEOUS weather and all the usual activities: road race, treasure hunt, water balloon toss, pinata, talent show, pizza, injuries, tears, and a little bit of blood.

Ah, the road race. I think Magoo cries every single year. He cries if he loses. And the one year he won - he cried then too! It's a competitive thing - and sometimes it's a fairness thing. This year there was a false start - but no one stopped it so it went as it went. Unfortunately it was a hard lesson about life not always being fair. But, as I tell myself often, the earlier you learn some of these lessons, the better you'll cope when you're older. The words, "You win some, you lose some. But most of the time, in life, you lose," actually left my mouth. It's not my normal upbeat attitude, but I'm trying to teach Magoo that if you can find the fun in the activity it doesn't matter if you win the race or not. I'm not sure if that one sunk in, but he recovered quickly.

That said, I also love how in the now my boy is. As I was comforting him, he said, "I've had a terrible day!" "No," I corrected, "you've had a terrible five minutes. You day has been really fun."

And again, because I don't want him to seem like a super whiney kid, he bounced back and joined in the water balloon toss. Nothing sys, "I'm feeling better," then howling in laughter as he whips a water balloon at his mother.

One of the best things about a block party in general is closing off the street and letting the kids go crazy on their bikes. One of the worst things is that someone always crashes. Last year it was Magoo. This year it was his buddy, O. O rode his bike too close to the men's football game and got tackled.

My friend Heather brought him inside and Mike brought out the Solarcaine, saying, "This stuff stings like crazy!" O freaked out. There were hard truths flying all over the place this year.

The treasure hunt was a big success. Usually I do an obstacle course in my yard, but have found it majorly time-consuming for me as I am stuck timing 22 kids on a stop-watch while all the other adults mingle and eat. Not this year. I wised up. I hid clues all over the neighborhood and kept them running while we set up a pinata. I still had to help monitor the pinata - but it did't take as long and a lot of parents came over to watch.

My other major success was just stepping back and not stage-managing the event. Being organized, a bit of a control freak, and able to make decisions has propelled me to a psuedo Queen of the Block Party position. Queen = lots o' work. Too much work. Too little fun. So I notched it back a whooooooole lot and really tried to focus on sitting on my rear, meeting new neighbors, and eating good food. I'd say I was 50% successful, so that's definitely a step in the right direction.

All in all, I think everyone had a pretty good time.

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Angela said...

You guys seem to have the best block parties! Those lessons are hard. I hate having to be the bearer of bad news to my kids-seems like there are a lot of hard lessons to learn.