Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Embroidery Projects

Ta-da! I made pillows! Naturally, having a new couch meant I needed new pillows. Actually, when I was at Pottery Barn shopping for my couch I saw some embroidered pillows that I liked and thought (as I often do) 'I can make those!'

So when summer swimming lessons took place, I sat with my needlework. When Magoo plays after school on the playground, I sit with my needlework. When I go to a friend's house to chat for an afternoon, I bring my needlework. And now, as I sit for 75 minutes in the waiting room while Magoo takes gymnastics, I do my needlework.

I love having a portable craft. And I love being able to produce something during a time when I would normally just sit. (Especially in waiting rooms.)

So when the pillows were done, I knew I'd need another project. I decided on a quilt for Magoo. The goal is to embroider insects and build patchwork squares up around them.

I finished a dragonfly and am nearing completion on a spider. (I think I'll add a web in the background.)

Here are the main fabrics. They are all Joel Dewberry designs. I need to get out to JoAnns and buy some solids.

I don't know how long this will take. I imagine building up the squares won't be so bad - mustering up the follow-through will be the trick. I have made one quilt before and it's the actual piecing and quilting that gives me little pleasure. But if Magoo is excited about it (and so far he is) then I know I'll get it done.

Hmmmm - maybe for Christmas?


Ă„iti said...

Gorgeous! The pillows look so great on the new couch and the quilt looks like it will be amazing. The Joel Dewberry designs are really cool.

Angela said...

I love it! Those pillows are awesome, and the insects are beautiful! So many times I see something and I think I can make that and for less than the $50 or more the store is asking. Where did you find/hear of Joel Dewberry? Those fabrics are cool!