Saturday, September 18, 2010

Taking Stock

It's less than two months until Open Studio Weekend in Hartford. I just got my placement/map and know that I'm in the usual awesome spot by the solitary window (woo-hoo!) I'm also on the second floor this year which means if I find out there are food samples in the main gallery I can shoot down the stairs and be there in a minute. (double woo-hoo!)

But getting the map also means I have to start taking inventory of what's ready to go, what needs to be framed, and what hasn't even been made yet.

It looks like there are a few more artists this year so my space has actually shrunk. Therefore, I have less space to fill and so I am feeling pretty good about my over-all inventory. In other words - I think I'll be able to fill my wall space - no problemo. I'll probably want to add a piece or two to my fable collection, otherwise I think I'm good. I know I have two big fish watercolors, the lobster, some original stuff I'll put in my racks and these new ones:

I've been playing around with Sumi-E painting and I thought these both turned out well. I have a couple nice, neat frames to pop them in. We'll see if they sell. It's an experiment.


AG said...

these are great! where did you get your chop (seal) made? I noticed your chop in the Koi watercolors as well...fab... Does Open Studio Weekend have a website to peruse for dates and deets? I might be in the NY Metro area in November.

Angela said...

I love these Julie! It's awesome to watch you paint and put it all together!

Julie_c said...

AG -

Thanks. One of the chops is from Oriental Art Supply ( - they have some lovely chops. Another I bought on eBay from China. And another from an art fair in Easy Lyme, CT.

Open Studio Weekend is November 13&14 in Hartford, CT.

If you think you'll be around, let me know and we can make plans.

Angela - thanks!