Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend This and That

Saturday - despite feeling about as sick as I ever feel (functionally ill) - I had a job to do. I had to go judge the Chalk Walk at the Newington Waterfall Festival. Fortunately it was a nice day (if a little hot) and I don't know about you, but when I feel crummy and I have to be out and about as though I don't feel crummy, sometimes I can trick myself into feeling better.

Anyway - here's a couple shots from the event.

The top one here won second place and the one below it, third.

It just so happened that there were four skilled landscape artists this year so all the best ones were landscapes. Personally, I'm not super in love with a plain ol' landscape - but the entries that had a more interesting subject matter to me (i.e. a dragon) were not as well executed. Whattya gonna do?

Magoo had a good time in the land of Bouncy Houses and making a mask that said 'Poop.'

Then he made his Grammy wear it, pirate-style.

Sunday we went to see the Hartford Children's Theater production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I could go into a really long critique the show from the opening to the curtain call - as a former theater major I tend to do such things - but let's just focus on the positive, shall we?

Positive 1 - Magoo sat through it. The first act with all the old people in the bed is not kid-friendly, IMO. I had to give Magoo the program and a pen so he could entertain himself by defacing the cast. But things perked up a lot in Act 2.

Postive 2 - Oompa-loompas.

Positive 3 - The lead kid actors were really quite good. The girl who played Veruca Salt was perfect!

Positive 4 - at the end of Act one Charlie is helping Grampa Joe get into his pants so they can go on the tour. Well, Grampa was wearing a long orange scarf - so when he pulled his pants on and buttoned them, the end of the scarf was left hanging out of his fly. I think you can imagine how that looked. I scanned the audience and all the adults were DYING! Magoo was just happy it was intermission.

But, like I said, he sat through the whole thing - didn't ask to leave once. So I'm calling his first live theater audience experience a success!

Here he is shaking the hands of some Oompa -loompas and Willy Wonka.

And that's what we did this weekend.

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Angela said...

Whoa check out those Oompa Loompas!
Isn't it great when the kids learn how to spell?