Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dragon Battle: The Board Game

My close friends know that I enjoy making games (The Game of Love, anyone?) and not too long ago Magoo and I had some time on our hands so we created a simple board game where knights fight dragons.

I drew a course around the board and Magoo was in charge of dragon art.

The rules are simple: roll a dice and move your knight*. If you land on a W, you choose a weapon card for your arsenal. When you get to the red zone, you must battle the dragon. You battle the dragon by rolling the dice again. If you roll a number that coordinates with one of your weapons (maybe your sword has a 5 on it or your mace has a 3) then you win and proceed. If you roll a number and you don't have a weapon for it, then the dragon has defeated you and you must fall back to an orange dot. You keep going this way until the front-runner reaches the castle - you win. The End.

That said, Magoo and his buddies change the rules often - as they should. But that's the basic break-down of it.

The gameboard:

Yikes! Those are some terrifying dragons!

The pieces & cards:

*These knights are new. I just made them out of polymer clay. Originally we used bottle caps.

I drew the images for the cards and scanned them in on the computer. Then I colored them and printed up batches. If you don't feel like doing this, just give your kids some index cards and markers. They'll make AWESOME weapon cards. Just remember to number them 1 - 6.

So far the boys have really enjoyed this simple game. If you have all the supplies, the making and playing of it can occupy hours. Perhaps a thought for the next rainy day, hmmm?


Angela said...

I am loving it!
Those nights are the best. What brand of clay did you use?

Julie_c said...

Ang - I just buy whatever clay is on sale. But you know what I mean - right. Those little squares in the craft shop: Sculpey or Premo.

Julia said...

Hello. I just found your blog. I've been thinking about inventing games too because then I can gear them towards my children's different interests and ages (and because I like doing stuff like this). I love this idea!

Angela said...

I was thinking Sculpey. Cool cool beans.

Julie_c said...

Hi Julia -

If you have a teacher store nearby, I bet you can find all sorts of great dice, spinners, and "people" there too. I keep a box full of alphabet dice, adding dice, and anything I think can be used in game making. Then you just need some index cards, markers, and some poster board. Good luck!

Ang - Can't wait to see what you make with the Sculpey!

Angela said...

We are going to try to some Halloween beasties! Thanks for the inspiration as always! I just came back from the store with the clay.