Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Here's Magoo in his phoenix costume. You've seen the mask/hat before, but here's the full costume. It's a little disco fabulous, a little Blades of Glory - but he loves it. And yes, that's me behind him. Oh, I love a matchy-matchy costume set.

I didn't intend to match him this year. Mike always teases me that my relationship with my boy is a little too much like Lucille and Buster Bluth from Arrested Development. But Magoo wanted to be a phoenix and I already had my costume. I made it years ago when I took a mask making class in Boston. How could I not use it?!?!? That would be crazy! I got a lot of stares on the street and made two little children cry. :0

We met up with O & G, who were dressed as a ninja and Indiana Jones. Then we hit the streets. Oh - they were excited boys dashing for house from house. Halloween is a very spazzy time for boys and even though Magoo knows he can't eat any of the candy he collects, he still has a blast getting it and then trading it in at the end of the night. (This year he got Star Wars Mighty Beanz and a bag of Fritos in return.)

And here's what happens when you eat too much candy on Halloween night, boys and girls:

You toss your guts!

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!


Angela said...

Love the costumes and jack o' lanterns! The lantern's remind me of Calvin and Hobbes. I think you guys looked awesome. I can't help it, but part of me chuckled a little when you said you got stares and made some kids cry. You of all people. It's too much. What is Halloween without a little disco fabulousness?!

Julie_c said...

I know it makes me evil, but I kinda thought it was a little funny that kids were crying too. In my defense, I did take my mask off so the scared kids saw that it was just a person. Sometimes that didn't make a difference though.

Angela said...

Did they give you the 'Eden look'? I think you are getting a rep. ;)

Julie_c said...

Is Eden spreading rumors about me?!?!?