Friday, October 22, 2010

Leaf Lovin'

Yesterday when I went outside to pick Magoo up from school, I marched straight back into the house and got my camera. The colors are so gorgeous right now. I had to snap up some of that autumn-y goodness.

(Above) This is my favorite shot. This tree is right outside Magoo's classroom. The gold and orange leaves popped against the bright blue sky.

Even though I took a lot of shots of trees in full color, I found the ones that read the best in 2D were the ones with a contrasting color nearby.

There's no autumn colors here but I LOVE the shape of ginko leaves. And the sun was shining through them and they were casting shadows on each other. (Gush) I love it.

I'm sure Mr. Mark, the crossing guard, thought I was nuts.

This tree is just a few houses down from where I live. The red is so intense it's like the tree is on fire!

And here's the view of my street as Magoo and I round the corner to come home.

I often think of how lucky I am to be able to walk my son to and from his elementary school. Not only do I appreciate the routine/tradition of it, but it is a lovely walk in every season.
And, of course, the exercise does me good, too.


Ă„iti said...

Lovely. Love that first shot, especially.

Julie_c said...

Thanks, Shirl.

Julia said...

I can't tell you how many times this week I have kicked myself for not always having my camera with me. I've missed so many gorgeous photo opps.

Thanks for the ideas about board games. Did you also know you can get blank game boards quite cheaply from I bought some a little while ago but haven't got around to using them yet.

Julie_c said...

You know Julia - I have a blank game board from Barebooks (I love their bare books) but I haven't used it yet because I'm afraid I'll mess it up. I find if I use something cheap like poster board or mat board I can experiment and let my son go wild. Then when I've PERFECTED my board I can transfer it. But yes - Barebooks is a great place for a ton of creative projects.

Angela said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty. I have been trying to get out to get some more shots (perhaps tomorrow). I have a few but there's never enough with each new tree. I am loving the red trees and blue sky lately. The Ginko shot is awesome. I love Ginkos. Their fall yellows are beautiful too when they turn!
Lovely post! ang