Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumpkin Day

We've been going to Rose's Berry Farm for our pumpkin/apple picking needs for about three years now. The first year we went solo - and although Mike, Magoo and I have lots of fun as a family of three - Magoo has even more fun when we do things with the Brudz family and their two boys, O & G.

As you can see from the photos, there was some face painting involved this year. Magoo asked to be made into a vampire and was super psyched by the results.

The boys were eager for the hayride/corn maze so that was our first stop. Magoo and his buds have now reached an age where we can turn them lose in this corn maze (it's not super huge) and they had a blast running and hiding from the adults. It was a funny/weird experience for me as I could almost constantly hear the children - but I couldn't always get to them. Then Magoo picked out a big honkin' pumpkin and we headed back through the fields to eat lunch and play on the playground- where the kids surfed down slides and rode tricycles through pipes.

After being there for a few hours we decided to skip apple picking and head home to chill.

We had crisp weather, blue skies, and although it had been raining for two days - the ground soaked it up and it wasn't even muddy. All in all a success autumn traditional trip!

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