Monday, October 25, 2010

SUBURBAN NINJA: A Cautionary Tale

Due to the length of this comic, I have reverted to the much easier stick-figure format.

This happened on Saturday:

What you might be wondering:

What the heck happened?

I turned on the wrong burner. Oops. And even though there was a burner cover on the front burner, it was slightly askew and there was a pot holder on it. Bad, bad me.

Did the fire alarm go off?

Eventually. Yes.

Where were Mike and Magoo?

They were walking home from a friend's house when all this went down. As soon as I put the fire out I started opening windows to let the smoke out. That's when they came home. We kept Magoo outside and then took him over to a friend's house to eat dinner so he wouldn't breathe in the smoke.

How's the kitchen?

Cleaner then it was before! It took Mike and me about 2 - 2 1/2 hours to clean it up and pitch the food that had been on the counter and all that jazz. The flames never reached the ceiling so there is really no damage. We just lost a pot holder. I did go to Home Depot to buy an air purifier though. It's hard to clean the air.

All in all, we got off easy. The whole thing went down in probably less than a minute and I think I caught the fire pretty soon after it had started. And now I know how to use a fire extinguisher. AND I bought a second one just for the kitchen.


Äiti said...

Wow! So glad you're okay and that damage was minimal. The kids enjoyed the comic :-)

Julie_c said...

Thanks. We're glad there was minimal damage too. It's fun to laugh about things after the fact but I learned a very important lesson about pot holder placement.

Angela said...

I am glad it worked out. Because it did I can fall off of my chair laughing. :-} How funny are you and how you tell your stories! My mom started a fire trying to kill a mosquito.

Natalie said...

I'm so glad nothing bad happened to your house! Love the comic. :-) It's good you can laugh at the situation now.

Mackenzie said...

I was dying laughing reading that comic... I hope I didn't wake Merik up. Lesson learned!