Friday, October 8, 2010

Thumb Wrestling

It all started with an iPod.

My friend Heather gave me her old iPod with a bunch of kid's shows on it and one of those shows was TWF Thumb Wrestling Federation. Magoo loved it!

The other morning, he asked if he could make a thumb wresting puppet. Immediately, my crafty mind went to felt, glitter glue and all the wonderful creations we could make. But that seemed a little excessive for a school morning. Instead, I went down into the basement and found an old turtleneck in the scrap fabric pile. I cut out a rectangle on the upper fold of the neck (so there were two pieces of fabric) and sewed a quick "hilltop" shape. Flip. Boom - white thumb wrestler ready to be colored in with Sharpies. (I love Sharpies!)

That went over so well I made a few for his buddies O&G - who come over every morning pre-school.

And here's what they made.

That was all fine and good until Magoo decided (later that evening) that he wanted to make a movie. So I made my own character - The Sleeper - and we shot something on the fly. Then I uploaded the footage into iMovie and spend a bit of time figuring out how the new version (of iMovie) worked.

It's not pretty. It's not perfect. But it's kinda fun. Enjoy!
(For some reason the blog only shows 2/3 of the screen. To see full screen, click the link to YouTube.)


Angela said...

That is super awesome. What a lucky kid! What time do you get up in the morning? I couldn't imagine getting all of that done as simple as it seems.

Heather said...

We're laughing so hard! Owen and Gus say, "You rock, Sleeper and Human Zombie! aka Julie and Cam!"

Julie_c said...

I have to admit that the editing took a little time just because I had to search for clues for each step. As I use iMovie more (and hopefully teach it too Magoo) I'm sure it will be easier and quicker.