Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It Takes A Village

Is there anything better than a bowl pull of wooden people pegs? Well, sure. But it's still pretty awesome. I mean, look at all the potential!

Heather and I hit the craft store recently where I bought a wooden castle to add to my little Santa's Village and Heather bought a house. We bought some wooden people pegs, too. Then I went online to Casey's Wood and bought a whole lot more. Variety is the spice of life, you know.

I started with the castle. Magoo started with one of those little fellows with the hat.

We painted all afternoon. (Heather, literally, worked on her house for, like, 4 hours.) After the men were done playing Madden Football, even they joined in. (See Heather's house. It's very fancy. I pulled out some fabric swatches and she installed carpets.)

My village takes up half the mantle now. Here's Santa's castle. Mr. and Mrs. Clause live here and they are protected by Tom Brady, Spiderman, Master Zutsu, Wink the Ninja, and Milan Lucic from the Boston Bruins.

You may be asking, Why does Santa need so much protection? Well, there are robbers afoot!

Magoo made Black Robber and Blue Robber. (See they are in their bottle cap sleds for a fast get away.)

You may remember Eager Bob (He's off to the far right.) We also have a small alien and the mysterious lady in the back. (I forgot to write down her name. I'll have to ask Magoo later.)

I bought a couple brush trees at Michael's but I think I want more of those so I'll have to keep my eyes open.

I love that this craft is becoming a family tradition and I already can't wait until next year when we can expand it!


Anonymous said...

dollar store had good trees that are similar, perhaps a little more full... We trimmed some down for a model. There were a couple in a package for a buck.

Julie_c said...

Thanks! That's good to know.

Heather said...

Was it really 4hours?! I have to come get that house of mine!

Julie_c said...

I'll bag it up and hand it off tomorrow when the boys arrive.

Angela said...

That is an awesome village! I love it. We will be starting ours this weekend and hopefully adding some clay Christmas folks!
4 hours?! Go Heather!