Sunday, November 14, 2010

Open Studio Weekend: My Space

I got in early at 7:45 am yesterday to set-up. Here's my space:

(The lighting is fabulous for live-viewing but not so great for taking photographs.)

The Master Zutsu doll was one of the first things to go! The lady who bought it just liked him - she didn't know the book or have a young child or anything. She just wanted him all for herself. It wasn't long before two ninjas left to go out into the world. So there's only one ninja left.

The necklaces didn't get a lot of attention. I think most people don't even notice them. I sold one. But that's OK because they are perfect for an Etsy shop, don't you think?

I sold Blue Lobster, The Grasshopper and the Ants, Age of the Crow, and the Sumi-E Sparrows!

Now, to backtrack a bit, after my space was set up I went around hanging little signs in the elevator and stairwells.

Here on the first floor I found (OOPS) one of my signs from last year.

I really can't believe no one pulled that down.

And then on the fourth floor (DOUBLE OOPS) a sign from TWO years ago!

Clearly I'm bad at taking my signs down! Or, could it be that the people who live there just enjoy them so much. They are all artists after all. Maybe they like the little reminder. Art is Fun. OR maybe no one uses the stairwell.

There's a ton of great art this year! If you're in the Hartford area - come on down. 555 Asylum Ave, ArtSpace Building, Hartford CT. 11- 5pm! Wheel-and-Deal Sunday!

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Ă„iti said...

Congrats!!! That's funny about your old signs still being up :-)