Monday, November 15, 2010

Open Studio Weekend: How It Went

It was a watercolor year.

I've been doing the Open Studio Art Show for 6 years now (I think it's six.) and one of the trickiest things is to predict what the people will buy. Over the years I've learned that many people buy original art in collage, but prefer watercolor prints. Few people buy original art from my rack; that's where the unframed older art lives. And, the packs of cards go like hotcakes.

This year I sold every watercolor off the wall except Wildroot - the bookstore cat. And I only sold 3 of the 6 Fable collages. I sold a number of watercolors from the rack. And I have plenty of packs of cards left.

So, you just never know.

The Experiments:

1.) Necklaces
The necklaces were not successful at this venue. I think there's just too much going on to have necklaces too. Some people liked them, but not enough sold. I know I've been saying I should open an Etsy shop for a couple years now but I hadn't wanted to ship 11X14" watercolors - that's no fun. But the necklaces would probably do alright at Etsy.

2.) Softies
People loved the "softies." Master Zutsu was the first to go and I sold the three ninjas - no prob. They would also probably do well on Etsy. Eeeeeasy to ship.

I sold both sumi-e paintings. Granted, they were not expensive. But I had no idea if they would be well received and I'm very pleased that they were. I've been growing a little bored with the standard koi/goldfish watercolors and now I can focus on a new direction of painting. I can also do slightly smaller pieces that are less expensive and it's always good to have a nice range of prices.

All in all it was my best year yet - and that's saying something because last year was FABULOUS!

Thanks to everyone who came out - I am lucky to have such awesome friends, family, and patrons who are so supportive and enthusiastic about my work. You all rock!

And if you live too far to come out - hang on - I may do an Etsy store yet. I'll keep you posted.


Heather said...

Gah! I wanted a Wink doll! I'm glad the softies were a hot item--you know I have former publicist merchandising fantasies!

Angela said...

You and your creations are awesome Julie! It was great to see your stuff fly! I don't understand the jewelry and fables not moving as much. Congrats and thank you for all of your help! More Master Z!!