Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shut the Front Door!

One of the things on our House: To Do list was install new doors. Both the front and back doors let in a ton of cold air in the winter. Brrrr. That's no good. So finally - we got some.

Here it is newly installed. All white and fresh. It looked good - but the white didn't pop for me and it was really just a matter of a day or two before Java put her muddy paws all over the thing begging to get in. And since the weather (a week ago) was mild, I thought, The time is NOW! and decided to slap some paint on the sucker.

Good-bye white door.

Hello Pepto-Bismol Pink! This is how it looked with tinted primer. Very pretty, no?

Actually one of the neighbors thought it was the door color of choice and was kinda excited about it. I've never been a big pink girl myself. I don't think I own any pink clothes. But even if I did, there's no way Mike would agree to a pink door. No. Way.

This is the door after THREE coats of red.

Much better. It's still not completely done since I need to touch up around the windows. But it's friggin' cold outside now so it might have to do until the next pop of warmth rolls in.

I'm adjusting to the look of it sans door knocker. And since we don't want to put holes in out new door I doubt I'll be sporting a wreath this year. But isn't the color nice? I LOVE IT!

Now I just have to clean up all the dead potted plants.


Ă„iti said...

Very nice!

Angela said...

I love it!
I painted a front door of mine red once. It takes so much red paint!

Natalie said...

Love it! :-)