Monday, November 22, 2010


This as a crudely drawn as a cartoon can get - but I'm swamped today!

What did I learn? Perhaps giving my seven-year-old a giant bag of popcorn on a road trip is not the awesome idea I thought it was at the time.

Sorry about your mini-van, Brudz family!


Anonymous said...

That is so funny (to read about! probably not so funny when it was happening). I use to get car sick all the time when I was little and popcorn was one of the things that I was not allowed to eat because it ALWAYS made me sick.
Hope the rest of the trip went well.

Julie_c said...

Yanno Abbie - I just figured I let him have too much food, but maybe he shouldn't snack on popcorn, specifically, while driving. I'll keep it in mind - thanks!

Heather said...

We still love you!

I especially like my maniacal expression when I'm screaming, "Look out the window, boys!"

Angela said...

Oh. my. word. That is the funniest road trip story-right out of Christmas vacation or something. You'd never know Magoo had just thrown up by looking at his pic punching Mary P. in the stomach. Ha ha ha. Oh man. I know it wasn't funny during the trip, but oh man your cartoon just cracked me up. I can only imagine Heather's face. hee hee
PS Biokleen from Whole Paycheck is pretty good at getting undelightful smells out. Elijah is our resident puker in the house (never in the car for some reason).

Heather said...

I actually think we have some Biokleen--thanks for reminding me! David will be thrilled, since the Barfmobile is actually his car :)