Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Rhode Island

Every year we drive to Rhode Island to Mike's cousin MaryBeth's awesome house. Why is it awesome? Well, for one thing they have a big dining room table for the feast. For another she has three kids so they have lots of toys and things that keep Magoo occupied.

When we got there cousins F and B were jumping their bikes. Woosh - nothing but air!

Then they moved to the trampoline:

I even got on the trampoline but it wasn't for pleasure. There was a new puppy; a three-month old black lab who was all jumps and nibbles. Magoo was a little scared so I gave him a piggy-back ride to the trampoline, but this kept my arms occupied so I couldn't swat the dog off from nipping at my bum. I'm not kidding - I was worried I was going to have holes in my pants! I guess my body is too bootilicious or something. Anyway - I hung out on the trampoline for a good solid fifteen minutes until the dog was called inside. But I got some good shots.

The children did not tire and it was about this time that another three young cousins arrived so the boys played outside, running races and playing lacross...

... while, indoors, N and Pam pursued literary pleasures... (What's that awesome book N is reading?)

... and B introduced Magoo to her hamster, Crystal. Magoo though Crystal was pretty darn cute!

And all the children were in pretty good moods so I was able to talk them into taking a group shot!

I LOVE taking group shots but I understand that it's not always possible. I don't want to fight with children to smile and pose when they're totally not into it. But today I was in luck! Ye-haw!

After the kids ate their meal, the adults finally sat down. For the second year I pieced together a composite shot. I think I took about 19 photos in all. (This year I got into it, too.)

It's pretty small because it's long, so go ahead and click on it to enlarge.

I'm one lucky gal because I married into a fantastic family. Thanksgiving is always so much fun and this year was no exception. So thanks to my in-laws for hosting another fabulous holiday and for welcoming me into your family! (Even though I've been in there for 11 years and you'd need a crow bar to wedge me out.)


Angela said...

Awesome holiday! Re: the dog; it's Jillian! "No shame ladies!"
I really like the group shot. Man that table is huge!

Julie_c said...

You know the table is a square. I was sitting next to Pam who is on the other side of the photo.