Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Treats

I'm sure you've all seen these:
They are very awesome ninja cookie cutters. I think no fewer than 13 people have drawn my attention to them over the months and, of course, I had to have some. In fact one of the moms at school asked me if I had them.

I said, "Yes, but I haven't made cookies yet."
"You should!" she said, as if it were that easy.

You all know there are many dietary constraints to my baking. I have to find a good gluten-free, sugar-free, casein-free cookie dough recipe that likes being cute into shapes. So far, this has been a bit of an issue. The cookies spread and never look as sharp as you'd like them to. But I did find a recipe and I did whip up some dough and I did cut them out.

But when I pulled my ninjabread cookies out of the oven they looked more like sumo wrestlers.

So I put the dough in the fridge overnight so that it could cool and hopefully hold their shape better. I tried again. They were alright. Not perfect, but acceptable.

Now, look back at the photo above. You know what really sells those - the frosting. Here's another challenge for me as there really is no frosting I can use. Or, rather, I haven't discovered it yet. So I thought I'd melt down some carob chips and try doing some line work.

Well that soon became carob glop work and eventually I decided to just spread the carob overtop.

Result: not pretty, but Magoo will like them.

I think my carob drizzled ginger-stars came out better.

I also made some candy. I'm calling them, Carob Crunchies.

Yanno, every kid should have some treats in their stocking and Magoo gets so very little candy-type things, so I wanted to make something special. It's just melted carob chips with some rice crispies mixed in and formed into balls.

I wrapped them all pretty:

He should be psyched.

I can't tell you how busy and tired I am as the clock ticked down to the big day; planning Xmas dinner, planning Xmas breakfast, wrapping gifts, finishing gifts, cleaning, laundry, xmas cards, teacher gifts. If not for my lists, I'm sure I'd be insane. But things are getting done, slowly but surely. I think I'll even get the quilt done. But it probably means no more blog posts until after Xmas.

We'll see.
No promises.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


Robin said...

Would the cookie cutters work with your cracker recipe? And I love the b&w ribbon on the carob crunchies, very striking!

Julie_c said...

Yanno Robin - I haven't made the crackers in FOREVER since I discovered some rice crackers at Whole Foods Magoo can eat. But I should try the ninjas with my graham cracker recipe. Maybe I can cut them out after the graham crackers have baked.