Thursday, December 9, 2010


The other morning while Magoo was getting dressed for school, Curly and Mo had uncovered the Hangman game.

"I'll play," I said to Mo. He started making the little slashes for the letters. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Nine letters. He recounted.

"Are you sure you know how to spell that word?" I asked.

"It was on my spelling test," he said.

"Are you confident?"

He nodded.


"A," I said. It was the first letter. Yea!

"E." Nope. Draw a head.

"I." It was the second letter. "Ailment," I said, knowing it wasn't a nine letter word but I thought I'd check.

"Nope," Mo replied.

"O, U." No. Draw an arm. No. Draw a body. I was about to say "Y" when Curly shouted out "X!" Of course X was not one of the letters and we were running out of body parts on the noose.

"Why did you say X?" I asked Curly, somewhat annoyed.

"I thought it was excitement," he said.

"Excitement starts with an E!"

Clearly I was a little too into it.

I turned my focus back to the gameboard. "So," I said to Mo, "you're telling me that this word starts with an A, then has an I, then no other vowel." I pointed to the seven remaining letters. "This word does not exist. What is it?" I asked.

Mo hesitated then looked at the empty slashes. "Aristocrat," he said.

I stood up in a huff. "For one thing, there's 10 letters in aristocrat. For another, I is the third letter. For another, listen to the word ... arist- O .... there's an O in there."

Mo looked down at his word, seeming to consider my outrage.

"So this word was on your spelling test," I said. "Did you get it right?"

Mo looked at me. "No."



Heather said...

Haven't you heard of an air-istocrat? Come on!

Angela said...

Wait 'aristocrat' was on his spelling list?!

Julie_c said...

That's right, Ang - don't you know that the average 2nd graders uses the word "aristocrat" at least 3 times a day. Duh!