Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Crafting


While Heather and I were at the art store buying some items last weekend, we came across these little jars (the short ones) and thought it would be fun to make our own snowglobes. I pulled out my polymer clay and the boys got crafty. Well, the boys and I. You know I can't be left out of such fun.

I baked the clay. Then I coated the pieces in ModPodge (which was a BAD IDEA. Do not do this! ModPodge will dissolve in the water and leave a thick white film on your clay pieces. I scrubbed most of the white gunk off and what's left looks like snow - so it's not the end of the world - but DO NOT coat with ModPodge.) Then I super glued the clay pieces onto the caps of the jars and let it dry overnight. Then we popped some water and glitter in there and PRESTO - snowglobes!

Here they are against a black background.

Magoo made the little red dude on the left who is a Christmas Space Alien. I started with the snowman, and then after finding a discarded spice bottle (middle) decided to make a Christmas tree too.

WIP: Creepy Crawly Quilt

I finished half of the quilt!

I have also completed the remaining 7 embroidered insects, so now I just have to put those panels together which should only take a few days. Hopefully I'll be quilting by next week! Will I finish by Christmas? Maybe.

I had to make a few extra Xmas cards for people like my editor and agent, and I didn't want to send the card with Magoo's face plastered across it, so I sent Java instead.

Mike helped position Santa's hat on Java while I snapped a shot. Then I cut it out and drew & painted Santa's body. I think it's hilarious!

Hope it brings a smile to your face too!


Angela said...

I love the globes. I think we will leave that craft until Xmas v-cation (Helena calls it that too). I will not use the Podge. Thanks for the warning! There always seems to be something going on here otherwise.
Java is the funniest. That picture reminds me of that Kat Kong book without the 'yelling' of course.

Chicklebee said...

Look at that handsome elf cat! LOVE IT!!!!