Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Spy: BlueJays

I was working on the computer yesterday morning when I spied a bluejay out of the window. I'm sorta into birds now so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots. Man, that sucker moved fast though. It was hard to capture him before he'd flutter off.

Then he flew to farther off tree. Fortunately I have a decent zoom lens and nice new windows to shoot through.

Look - there were two more. It was a crazy bluejay-palooza over there. Actually, I think there were five in total, but I couldn't catch them all. They were jumping and flying all over the place.

They flew off and I got back to work, then another interesting bird started picking berries outside the window. This is the best shot I got. It had a tuft of red on this crown.

I thought it might have been a female bluejay but my google image search didn't confirm that. Then I thought maybe female cardinal. Now, looking at that striped tail I'm wondering if it was a woodpecker. Anybody out there with bird expertise?


Ă„iti said...

Can't help ya with the bird ID but your camera captured lovely tones of blue on those jays!

Julie_c said...

Confession: I tweaked the colors in Photoshop a bit. In the first one I had too b/c it was too dark - then I started having fun with is. I was so happy with the extra blue that I did it to the others.

Angela said...

Those are some great birds. I was about to say that the birds are extra bright in your neighborhood.
I think the last bird with the flecks and red tuft is a woodpecker. You know how we love our birds around here.

Julie_c said...

Ang - I kinda figured if anyone knew what that last bird was it'd be you.

mary said...

Blue Jay-palooza. Love that. I bet those beautiful but mean birds are planning to raid other birds' nests.
Love the quilt. Swimmer

Heather said...

You know I love me some birds--one in particular..... That one bluejay was looking right at the dang camera!