Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby

On the 24th, Mike, Magoo and I went down to have Christmas Eve dinner at Gramma's house. Since it has been VERY cold here, we brought our skates just in case the pond was frozen. Guess what? It was!

Michael was all kinds of psyched. He LOVES skating and hockey and he gets to do it so rarely. It was a lovely day. It wasn't bitter cold. (I've been out skating when it's bitter cold and it's none-too-fun.) Because it was mid-afternoon and the sun was already starting to decline, I had these ambers in the backgrounds and deep blues in the foreground. Gorgeous. You can imagine what I was doing. Skate, snap, snap, snap, skate, snap, snap, snap. In case you're thinking Yikes - a camera on ice, let me just say, I'm none too shabby. I'm not great, either, but I can do my little spins, and go backwards and all that jazz, so unless I got tripped up on a twig, it was smooth skating for me.

And while I was doing that, Mike and Magoo were playing hockey.

I'm not sure if you can tell in the photo, but Magoo isn't wearing skates. He doesn't like the "skating" part that much and his feet grow so fast, it's just not worth it keeping that child in skates for the 1 - 2 times we go each year. He was quite happy to be scooting around in his boots - and so were we.

He loved the hockey part though.

And even in his boots he took a couple tumbles.

When his tushy finally had enough, we went in. But not until I got a shot of his rosy cheeks.

(I bet his other cheeks were rosy too, but I didn't get a shot of those!)

The ice was clean and fantastic for skating and it was a lovely way to start the Christmas holiday.

More tomorrow.

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