Friday, December 31, 2010


Someone's excited!

He was being a good boy b/c his control-freak Mom (me) wouldn't let him blow out the candles until I got a good shot. I don't think I'm that bad though because Mr. Magoo himself requested the wall of growth (seen better below.) One year I had the idea to show pics of him at every birthday. It wasn't something I had planned this year but he requested it at 2 in the afternoon. Add one more thing to the list! So I felt perfectly justified in getting a good eight-year-cake shot.

Here he is with his good buddy's Curley and Mo.

It was just a small party. Having a birthday on December 30th means that he saw a lot of family just 5 days earlier so most people don't really want to hoof it over to our place again. Sometimes I do his birthday later in January, but I always want him to have a little something on his actual day. Well, then that's 2 cakes I have to make! Since we had Christmas at our place and tonight we're having a small New Years Eve party, well, that's a whole lot o' hosting for yours truly. A small party would have to do.

After a dinner of pasta (his favorite) and cake, the boys tore open the gifts.

This is the following morning when Magoo has made an awesome robot from a Faber-Castell robot kit. So much fun!

But probably one of his favorite gifts was a remote control helicopter. Check it out!

Thanks to the Brudz family for sharing Magoo's special day with him and thanks to all the family and friends for sending cards, gifts, and warm wishes!

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Angela said...

That is a lot of hosting. I am worn out just thinking about it! Happy Birthday to Magoo. I can't believe he is 8. The years are just flying!