Monday, January 10, 2011

Art Class: The Human Figure

My little students gathered again for our Sunday Morning Art Class - this time we were tackling the human body. My goal is to get them drawing people a little more realistically. Magoo, for example, tends to draw arms more like wings. I'm not looking for super accurate muscle definition, but the acknowledgement of elbows would be a step in the right direction.

The boys did a great job and put a ton of effort into it. This was challenging though - and I can see we're going to have to keep working at it.

I was basically trying to get them to map out more sophisticated stick figures and then we'd add "meat to the bones" but the boys didn't add a lot of meat - so there were some really skinny people.

Then, I started teaching them to put "balloons" on the bones and trace around those. That helped a bit.

At one point Magoo was looking at his profile and saying, "I see one eye. I see a nose." etc. And although he couldn't draw them as he saw them, the fact that he saw that in this photo he had only one eye is great. It means he's looking and not assuming.

For week 2 - I'd say they're all doing AWESOME!

In other news: I finished my second cowl. This is called the Gap-tastic cowl and I got the pattern on Ravelry.

I like this one much better than the Luxe Cowl. The Luxe looked good in the photo but it felt a little like a skein of wool was eating my face. This one is warm but gives me room to breathe. Ahhhhh.

OK - I have a big To-Do list today, so I'm off!


Angela said...

You are a knitting fiend! I knew it.
I think I need that drawing class too. ;)

Julie_c said...

Sorry. I'm all full up for drawing - but I'll see you for some watercolor painting tonight!

Angela said...

See Julie. I told you I needed drawing classes. Thanks for your patience last night. I don't know where my mind was. I think I needed a Jillian fix. My sky turned out okay, but I hate that bush. I do believe I have a solution for it though.