Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fluffy Rain

That's what my neighbor was calling it this morning. It's a heck of a lot of fluffy rain - I'd say!

We all knew it was coming. All the weathermen were all a-twitter in anticipation of a weather event. They delight in these things so! And sure enough, we got it. And hard. 18" baby.

This was the scene around 7am.

Around 10am, Magoo and I pulled on our snowpants, "got puffy," as he likes to say, and ventured out.

Here's the first bit of a path.

I'm a lucky Momma. My boy is quick to help. Of course after about 10 minutes of helping his natural boy instincts kick in and then it's all play from then. I shoveled for an hour and fifteen minutes, now I'm in for a break. He's still out there.

After I'm done posting, I have to head back out and liberate the car. And, in all honestly, probably re-do some of the sidewalk b/c it hasn't stopped snowing yet. It's definitely a work-out. I feel no guilt re: chips and salsa today.

But it sure is pretty, too.

Magoo said, "I love this part of January!"

It's a fluffy wonderland for him.

OK - back out to the trenches for me.

If you're in my neighborhood, I wish you luck with the dig and hope you can enjoy the fluffy rain.


Angela said...

I can't believe you dug out of all of that snow. Dag.

Natalie said...

I'm so jealous! Send some our way, please. :-)