Monday, January 24, 2011

Flying Sleds!

On Saturday, we met up with the Brudz boys to go sledding at Bugbee School. I had been there once before with some other friends and it had a nice, wide sledding hill. Our local park is great - but it's nice to shake things up a bit.

Also, because it was a school, the snow was good and packed down.

We did the slopes nice and easy for awhile. Then it was RAMP TIME!

Magoo has very good aim when it comes to ramps. He always managed to hit them right on target. Here he is catching some air.

And because the men are really just tall boys - they got in on it too. Here's David (a.k.a. Brudz Dad) flying over the ramp on my runner sled.

And here's what happens when a fully grown man flies over a ramp on a runner sled. He breaks it. See that wood sticking out the side - it's not supposed to do that.

(Sidenote: There was a wicked cool hawk up in one of the trees. I kept hoping it would fly away so I could get a shot of its wingspan, but it seemed to be enjoying the show.)

Closer to the parking lot - the children (and men) took advantage of the extra piles of snow and used them to launch their sleds into the air even more.

Here's Michael having a go at it.

That looked like so much fun, Magoo tried it too. Let's see how it turned out:

Ooooooh - not as good. But he tried it a couple more times with more success.

I hope everyone in New England is enjoying the snow because we're getting moroe of it tomorrow!!! OY!


Angela said...

What snow? What say you woman?!
That sled pic is awesome. Maybe the hawk's face was brainwashed by all of that sledding action and breakage? That totally cracks me up!

Julie_c said...

Hey Ang - I HEAR there is to be another storm. I hope it's mild and doesn't leave much.
I think the hawk's face WAS Brainwashed!!!
See you tonight!

Heather said...

Angela--I'm peeing my pants. I cannot get that crazy dude out of my head. In fact, I've had MY face brainwashed!

Julie_c said...

Note to comment readers:
A couple friends and I watched an excellent movie called: Exit Through the Gift Shop, where the main charactert - who is french- said, "I will brainwash your face!" which is now, like, our favorite catchphrase.
Just so you know.

Angela said...

Oh my gosh, Heather, that crazy Frenchman does have powers because my face is completely brainwashed. He has infected my head too-this is too much! ;)