Friday, January 7, 2011

Modern Masters

On Monday evenings, my friend Angela comes over and we paint. We took some time off between the art show and New Years, but come next Monday we're getting the ball rolling again. We thought it might be a good idea to soak in some art and get the creative juices flowing so we went over to the Modern Masters on Paper show at the Wadsworth Antheneum.

I'm an Andrew Wyeth freak - so I was so excited to see one of his watercolors, Granddaughter, there. I won't try to do an art analysis here b/c I'd just sound like a big pompous idiot, but I love his contrasts between light/dark and soft/hard edges. That composition is pretty killer too.

They also had about 5 Edward Hoppers there. The one there were big about advertising was Captain Strout's House - and it surely was outstanding. But I found myself drawn to this relatively stark one entitled, Truro Station Coal Box.

This image doesn't really do it justice - but the blue was really ... uh ... awesome (for lack of a better word.) And one of the things that has always drawn me to Hopper was his shadows. I love a good shadow! I don't paint a lot of architecture, but seeing the way Hopper makes a coal box dramatic sure makes me want to try.

Angela and I had a tiny companion with us - her daughter E. And E was not down with this exhibit. She has a favorite room and dragged her momma right out there to sit. So when I was done with my art-gazing, I went out to take a babysitting shift.

I didn't know how this was going to go. Ang has 4 children and the first 3 like me just fine. But I have gotten the stink-eye from this one MORE than a few times so the odds weren't in my favor.

But I had a few secret weapons. 1.) a pen. 2.) a notebook 3.) my awesome ability to draw a bird.

E helped me out with some dot and coloring action. And when the novelty of notebook drawing was over, E discovered another canvas...

According to E, drawing on my arm was BIG TIME FUN! Guess what? She likes me now!

If anyone in the Hartford area w/kids wants something fun to do, the Wadsworth is having a community day on Martin Luther King Day. They always set-up art projects in the galleries so while kids are making their own art they're soaking up some culture. In the past, Magoo was always more interested in the elevator, but hey, we tried.

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Angela said...

We had such an awesome time, and Eden did not destroy any Picasso or Dali paintings-yay! Thanks for suggesting it and babysitting Missy. Aren't those Hoppers out of this world. My architecture paintings are a poor imitation but I still try. I just love the light in his paintings.
We'll miss you guys on King day.