Friday, January 14, 2011

The Year of the Bird

I think I'm going to be painting a lot of birds this year. I'm kinda over fish. I'm sure I'll go back but after painting a gazillion fish over several years, one gets bored with them. So I turn my attention to the bird.

This is a piece I've done for the New Britain Museum of American Art's fundraiser auction in May.

I bought myself a little Christmas gift, 100 Birds: Chinese Techniques for Painting Birds. (And it's a good thing I'm a visual learner b/c most of it is in Chinese.) What I need to do is paint a bird a day. Will I? Probably not. But let's challenge myself.

Starting Monday, I will paint 1 bird a day for 30 days. It can be the same bird, but it has to be complete each day. Then, on Friday, I will show my birdies off.

Let's see if I remember on Monday.

Here's what I have so far: Study of a Sparrow.

Study of a Warbler.

Have a great 3-day weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Angela said...

Oh Julie I love them! You know how we enjoy birds around here! Maybe I can work on my wonky fish some so you won't be able to escape completely!
That reminds me, I gotta get my other plant/snow photo developed! I am enjoying snow even though they don't always work out.