Monday, February 7, 2011

Art Class: Sumi-E

This week I thought the boys might want a break from drawing, so I taught them some sumi-e technique.

I started by teaching them a brush stroke that would produce a nice leaf. The key is to have your elbow off the table, your brush vertical, and then pull and lift. It's a simple stroke but it takes a while to get it. The boys all filled a page practicing and I was sure to give a lot of positive feedback on great leaf shapes.

Then I taught them how to make the bamboo stalk. Ideally, you'd want a flatter brush for this, so my lesson focused on how to make the segments and then add dots of darker tone to create depth and interest.

Then they did final compositions and stamped them with seals when they were done - which, for kids, is always the best part!

In order: Curly, Magoo, and Mo

I think they did a fantastic job!

In other news:

Look what a little monkey left for me when I got out of the shower last night.

It reads: You stingk.

I don't anymore! I took a shower!

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Angela said...

They did an awesome job!!