Monday, February 28, 2011

Art Class: Wink Collage

I will be returning to the Whiting Lane School to do an author visit in April, and since I was there last year, I needed to come up with a new art project that co-ordinated with the new book.

Since in Wink, The Ninja Who Wanted to Nap, Wink is desperate to catch some Zzzzz's, I thought it might be fun to see what ninjas dream of. So we made Napping Ninja Collages, and I used my Sunday Art Crew as guinea pigs.

(Here's Magoo and the boys as they cut and paste.)

It always takes me a few times to practice teaching lessons like these. It's hard to know what will trip up the kiddos. Size is usually the biggest issue. Kids want to work small. To make Wink's head a nice size, I tried to instruct them to use their fist as a guide. This wasn't 100% effective. They were too concerned with tracing their fists. Maybe I'll try to get the kids to imagine the size of a tennis ball instead?

Once they get all the pieces cut out and glued, they can draw Wink's dream in pencil.

Here's Curly's project. His ninja is dreaming of training. Someone is going up a staircase. I'm not sure what that's about.

Mo's ninja is also dreaming of training (Curly was having a hard time coming up with his own ideas and tended to do his own version of Mo's idea.) But Mo's ninja is training in a bamboo forest and I love that the dream extends down into the little bubbles that connect to Wink's head.

Magoo's ninja dreams of being shot in the gut with an arrow. Disturbing? Perhaps. But the drawing is pretty well executed. I see the bow, the arrow, and Magoo DIDN'T draw the huge shoulder pads that he normally makes.

So I guess this was more of Wink's nightmare, but hey - I'm sure ninjas have those too.

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Angela said...

Too funny those dreams. They did an awesome job and you do an awesome job teaching them!