Friday, February 18, 2011

A Big Box of Wink 2

I love getting mystery packages in the mail! Since I'm not a TV police detective - my mystery packages are always something good. Have you noticed how TV detectives always get terrible mystery packages with severed limbs and such in them? But I digress ...

My mystery package had my advanced copies of Wink, The Ninja Who Wanted to Nap in it! YEAH!

A lot of people think authors get an endless supply of their books. That is not true. There is a set number of books you get that is in your contract. For me, it is 20. That's all I get. Ever. Any time I want a copy of my book beyond the 20 copies, I have to buy it in a store - just like anyone else. But right now - I have 20. Well, 19. One's for Magoo. And 1 is just for me, for my permanent collection. I'll probably send 1 copy to my niece and nephew. They're not really into ninjas but hey - they're my niece and nephew. And I'll HAVE to do a giveaway on the site!!!

Here's Magoo reading the book.

And here's a review from Publishers' Weekly:

Having earned notoriety in his first adventure, Wink now stars in the Lucky Dragon Circus and is basking in his fame. But what he could really use is some shut-eye. Unfortunately, he's pursued high and low by fans, who won't let him rest. It's up to droll Master Zutsu, who speaks in allegories, to deliver a solution--even if Wink is a little slow on the uptake ("Why can't Master Zutsu say anything normal?" he complains). Phillipps offers wit aplenty in cut-paper compositions that match Wink's boundless energy and bravado. Even when sleepy, her hero demands to be noticed. Ages 4–up. (Mar.)

If you're local, here are some upcoming events:

For all my Whiting Lane fans - I'll be coming back to the Whiting Lane School on Thursday April 14 - Friday April 15th.

I'll be at BUMBLE BUG a fantastic art studio in West Hartford, CT, on Saturday April 16th. 10:30. This is a great venue for little fans who may have a harder time sitting still for long and love art.

On Saturday, April 30, I'll be doing a reading/signing of Wink 2 at the Border's out by Westfarms Mall. I don't have the time on that one yet. I'll keep you posted. Finger's crossed that it's still in business by then!

And check back here next week for the Wink The Ninja Who Wanted to Nap giveaway!


Robin said...

Yay Julie & congrats!

Shelley said...

Yippee! Congrats! We will have to add it to our collection. Someday I'll get you to sign our Wink books. :)

Julie_c said...

Thanks so much guys! You know Shelley - I can make you a bookplate, if you like. Send me an email with your address:

Chicklebee said...

We can't WAIT for you to come to our school!!!! All the students are getting very excited.... and the Librarian is BESIDE herself!!! I can't wait for you to meet her!

And.... there is a boy who is super duper off the wall excited to have his very best buddy here at his house!!! And one Mama who can't wait to introduce you to Bubbles and Omar ;-)

Angela said...

Aweomeness! This is great. Congratulations! I am happy to see some author appearances coming up. ;) Work it girl!
We're looking forward to getting ourselves a copy!

Natalie said...

Can't wait to buy my copy!

I'll also get 20 copies of my book, but I assume they go pretty fast. Exciting! :-)