Friday, February 4, 2011


Thank you all for so much bird love on the last (bird) post. Your enthusiasm for all things bird has motivated me and I dare say, I'm getting better. I'm pretty pleased with this week's bird art. Let's see what you think.

Sparrow on a Plum Blossom

One of the things I discovered while searching my studio for something-or-other, was a book I already had on painting birds. But this one has more foliage in it. It's more of a Two-For-One kind of book. This sparrow is from that book. Well, this one is from me, but I learned it in the book.

This new book Chinese Brush by Lucy Wang, also has a different approach to the eyes - which I like better. Or maybe I'm just improving. Or, maybe I've just gotten used to it. Anyway - the eyes are bothering me less.

Prothonotary Warbler on Wisteria

I painted this fun yellow bird during my Monday night painting time with Angela. I was also painting a tire swing landscape which was possibly the most boring and uninspiring painting I have ever made - ug, it was horrible - but the Warbler saved my night and my attitude. I'm very pleased with this one.

Greenback Tit

Since this little guy's in the air, he has no branch - just his own awesome green feathers and some paint spatters to give energy and motion to his flight.

And finally, Russet Sparrows

I'm particularly fond of the one on the branch. The lines, the bleeds, everything works for me on that one. It makes me feel like I'm gaining some control over my own style when approaching these lessons.

That said - I did try to paint an owl based on Heather's love of owls and her request that I do so. There was only one owl in my lesson book and it was a little fluffy for my taste. So I went on the internet and found a couple photos of cool owls and I thought I'd try them on my own, but in the Chinese brush painting style. Oh. My. Did that owl blow?! It's soooo bad I won't even show it here.

My next step (when I'm feeling good and confident) will be to take the steps I've learned here and apply them to my own photos and observations of birds - but clearly I need to learn some owl technique before I can branch out on my own there.

Of course, I could always paint the owl in my own style - Julie Style - if you will. But the whole point for me is to learn something new and stretch myself, so no owls just yet Ms. Heather. But I'll keep it on the radar and see what I can do.


Angela said...

These birds are incredible. They are so lively-not flat at all. The plants are beautiful too. I especially love the wisteria and blossoms!

Julie_c said...

Thanks Ang! I feel like I'm gettin' my bird groove on!

Heather said...

Whaaaa! I want to see it!

Natalie said...

I swear, you never cease to amaze me, Julie. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Julie_c said...

Heather - you'll just have to come over and see it in person.

Thanks Natalie - I'll never stop trying.