Friday, February 11, 2011


Yeah! I've completed four weeks of bird studies! And - whereas I plan to keep painting birds - I think my daily bird practice is over for awhile. I need to move on to other things.

I lead with my favorite (above) Reed Bunting. I'm pleased with the shape of the bird and the coloring. I like the branch and the blossoms. And I like the vertical orientation. I plan to put it in the shop, so I already stamped it.

Below: Red -Headed Tit

Why can't that bird have a better name? I don't want to write a description like, here's a lively pair of tits. Or, these tits defy gravity! That's just wrong. Yet that's the name of the bird. What can I do? :)

Let's just move on.

White Eyes. I like these but I'm not 100% satisfied. You see, there are lovely white dots around the eyes - but because I didn't make the brown dark enough - there's not a strong contrast. It's really a very pretty bird. I might try to paint just one of them a little bigger to capture the details.

Finally: White-Faced Wagtail

Apart from the fact that I got a little crazy with the tail (It's not the wide or fanning) I like it. I've definitely gotten to a paint where I can paint the eyes much better. As for the rest of it - there are always mistakes to be made. But overall I think I've improved my average of good to bad.

I have some of the birds up on my etsy shop. Since it costs me money to list things, I'm not just going to put anything and everything up. I have to see how things sell first. BUT, if you see something here you like, feel free to inquire. I price original artwork separately, but the prints are all $18.00.

You might be saying, "Hey Julie, when I come to your show at ArtSpace, prints are $15. What gives?"

"Well," I'll say, "I bought some super swank paper to print on so these prints are even more vibrant and last longer. Plus - etsy charges a fee and Paypal charges a fee. So I had to take the cost up a tad. But, let me say this, if you do buy something from my shop but you're local and can pick your goods up - I'll reimburse the shipping fee."

Just so you know.

Thanks for all the bird love! There will be more - but maybe not as frequently.

Have a great weekend!

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Angela said...

I truly don't see anything wrong with these birds. They are lovely. I am enjoying the plants too! Awesome series. I am still working on my slightly profane coral. ;)