Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Make Your Own: LIGHTBOX!

As I prepared to open my ETSY store, I knew I'd need good product photographs. The thought of buying a lightbox was fun because - let's face it - buying stuff is fun. But then I found this article, and decided that I might as well try to whip one up from the stuff I had at home.

So I did.

Basically, I did everything the article suggested except I didn't have any white fabric so I ironed some tissue paper and used that instead.

The key really is a good strong, white-light bulb. The first one I bought at the hardware store, wasn't great. I got a second SUPER POWERED one at Michael's which made all the difference. Really, if I could get an even stronger one, I would. But the current bulb and a little tweaking in Photoshop, seems to get the job done.

Here's the Wink and Grandmother dolls I recently made for myself, photographed in the lightbox.

And it probably only took me an hour. (Not counting lightbulb shopping.)

Since the cheapest light box was about $50 - I'd say I did well to save it.

In other news: It's supposed to warm up today and tomorrow. In the 50's baby. Yahoo!


Angela said...

Hey thanks for the tutorial on that. What a great lightbox! I am loving the Wink softies too!
Guess what though, I think we are looking at snow for Monday.

Julie_c said...

Nooooo! Really? Well, I suppose it is still February after all.

Angela said...

You never know. It could blow out to sea, but as of last night, they were discussing snow on the horizon.